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    With our services your home feels like brand new

    We provide reliable, affordable services for everyone. 

    Cyrus Kitchen Bath Remodeling

    What we do

    Kitchen Design catered to your needs And your Family

    Our Expert Kitchen Renovation & Remodeling Design team At Cyrus Construction Can Completely Transform Your Kitchen,  Into Something That You Will Love! We Understand That Every Customer Is Different And Has Their Own Unique kitchen Remodeling Needs, So We Take The Time To Discover What Your Unique Needs Are, And We Aim To Exceed Those Expectations By Providing The Highest Attention To Detail, Quality, And Also To Customer Service During Construction Process. 

    Perfect finish

    Chech out the latest Styles and Stain 

    Quality Materials

    Our Cabinets come with Min 5 Years warranties

    Custom & Semi-Custom Cabinets

    Find out the latest design and kitchen cabinets layout

    • Cost-Effective

    • Comprehensive

    • Design-Build Services

    • Architectural Design

    • Planning Services

    • Project Management

    why we do it

    Our Project Management and Execution Philosophy are:

    • Create a???? detail schedule and resources plan to meet client project objectives
    • Communicate clearly with all the project stakeholders
    • Track project progress and fine-tune deviation
    • Supervise closely on quality of work done

    We want to bring innovation

    The Quality Of Our Work Is Paramount To Our Success. We Are The Proud Recipient Of Angie’s List Super Service Award The Past 12 Years And Counting! As General Contractor We Cover Your kitchen Remodeling Project From Light Fixtures, Custom Cabinets, Kitchen Island, Home Decor, Granite Counter-Tops (One Stop Shopping) And Guarantee The Remodeling Cost Within Your Budget That Compliant With Energy Efficient And Construction Industry Within Your Jurisdiction




    Simple and effective 



    Creative working space.



    Design that never out of style

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    May 11, 2020

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    Gather ideas for your kitchen remodel and sketch it out Decide what you want. ...

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